Portland Expo Center
January 25, 26, 27, 2019

Breeds of the world

Additional Information

The International Cat Show invites you to see the rulers of the internet; Cats.  Real Cats.  Cats in diverse styles, shapes, colors and patterns, representing feline beauty from around the world.  Old Breeds with histories, to rescues with a story, over 250 cats on display and competing:

·  Toybobs; a new breed from Russia, stays the size of a kitten, with super big blue eyes and a bobtail

·  Bengals; loving lap leopards for your living room, they only look like they came out of the jungle

·  British Shorthairs; the real Cheshire Cat, stocky and plush, a line-backer who loves to butt heads

·  Pixie-Bobs; a breed from the Pacific Northwest with Bob-cat looks, including great big paws

·  Donskoy; a hairless breed with smooth, shiny skin and a pot-belly

·  + Siamese, Maine Coon, Persian, Burmese, Thai, Turkish Angora, Norwegian Forest, Minuet, Scottish Fold, Sphynx, Savannah, over 40 different breeds on display and in competition